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haiku lunch buffet,
seventeen artful chokings.
what remains? beauty.


haiku gang bosses
stooky & celiablue
run this seedy joint

17 fucking syllables, abba, afros, antidisestablishmentarianism, aquaman, bachman-turner overdrive, bad ass haikus, basket weaving, bat guano, beastmaster, beef broth, bickering, body snatchers, bolt thrower, bone density, brazilian wax, bread crumbs, buffalo chips, capitalism, catfood, cavities, cha cha chili, chartreuse, cheezy does its, chortling, clint howard, cockleburs, cow tipping, cradle cap, crossbows, cryogenics, cyrillic, degrassi jr high, dental dams, derelicts, drama, edna's edibles, egotistical bastards, electron guns, esperanto, evil, existentialism, extra value meals, feeble citizens, ferengi, fin fang foom, flavored oil, fruitcake, fruitflies, fudgesicles, funkadelic, garbage pail kids, garmonbozia, gnats, go-bots, gong show, greedo shot first, haiku lovemaking, haiku nuggets, haiku sandwiches, hair metal, happy programmers, helios creed, hexidecimals, hip-hop honeys, imaginary languages, jiggle the handle, jimmy stewart, joan crawford, john tesh, katydids, kidney thieves, klaus kinski, looking pesky, magma, magnetic dwarf reptile, marsupials, martha stewart, martian sperm, menudo, minute maid, misanthropy, monkeys with wigs, moon unit zappa, muffin loaves, nietchze, nuclear power, obnoxious prose, ogres, oily nipples, olympic felching, one night in bangkok, ooh yanni, opium, peanut butter, penis pumps, pilates, plastic, poopoo, potent potables, pr0n, pretentiousness, provocative squats, radar love, ramen noodles, red dwarf, river city ransom, road apples, robot lobsters, rotten humor, rubber cement, satan, scary bald-headed neighbors, screening calls, searching for yeti, seat sniffing, secret societies, senor mysterioso, shameful people, soy sauce, stapling, steely dan, superfudge, taco bell, tax evasion, taxidermy, the clapper, the dewey decimal system, the log lady, the romantic eggs, tijuanna taxies, toofless blowjobs, toxic darts, trichophobia, truck drivers, udo kier, voltron, vomit as art, vulgarity, w.a.s.p., walkie talkies, waxing charmlessly, weird nj, where's adia?, whoopin' llama-ass, willowby, xerox, yogurt, yoko ono, zanti misfits

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