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Haiku+Kung Fu=???

There's this guy named Al.
He thinks he can kick my ass.
I say bring it on.

Think I pissed him off...
When I hit on his girlfriend.
Can't blame me...she's cute.

He's out of his league.
We are both burly dudes but...
I'm a trained fighter.


I am a pirate
Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey
I'll always get laid


Sometimes, late at night
Magical things emerge from me
Whoops, it is just gas
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    rose darling - steely dan
babes in thailand

my haikus for to-day.

"my fame is spreading
my life is starting over
i got me a band."

- with a little help from daniel johnston.

"generic soda
winn-dixie brand tastes so bad
i want mountain dew"

- for my beloved check cola.

"raisens cover them
mom cleans them off, they look fine
no more being blind"

- my glasses were attached to stickified raisens at the bottom of my backpack. ew!

that is all for now
i'm off my haikuatus,
see you all later! <--ha!

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    daniel johnston - my life is starting over again